The LIFTONIC method is the fastest and safest way to build and tone muscle for a strong, lean physique. We teach the most progressive weights based classes that incorporate dumbbell exercises along with balance and core movements. Each class focuses on a different section of the body ensuring each muscle is worked to 100% fatigue for maximum results.

Our studio was custom built for the LIFTONIC method. Our TV screens on the ceiling show a live feed of the instructor which helps you follow the proper technique, maximizing the effectiveness of each movement. Each set is performed in time with the music, creating an energy that inspires, motivates and leave you with a truly engaging group fitness experience.

Drawing on his 15 years of experience, Radan Sturm founded LIFTONIC to teach the benefits of weight training in a safe and engaging way. Radan understood that cardiovascular training such as spin classes and bootcamps can increase your fitness and help you lose weight, but only a weights based method actually builds and tones muscle, increases metabolism permanently, burns fat and improves posture resulting in a strong, lean physique.

This place rocks! The instructors are fantastic – they take the time to walk around the room and correct your form! I just finished my 5th class and I already notice a huge difference in my form, endurance in class, and look and feel of my muscles. Cardio, weight training this place has it all!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

– Alex V.





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