“The point where you want to give up is where your results reside. Keep pushing.”

“Everyone was a beginner at some point, but you weren’t created to be a beginner,” Courtney Paul reminds his clients. Through positive reinforcement, body sculpting moves, and an ardent focus on proper form, Courtney is dedicated to teaching how resistance training with the LIFTONIC method can completely change your life.

Born in the heart of Bayou Country, the Louisiana native relocated to the Big Apple in 2005. Although he was a natural athlete (with a roster spot on his high school football, swim, and track teams), Courtney originally got his start in the group fitness industry working at the front desk of a gym in Atlanta. Through study and observation, he quickly developed a deep passion for proper form and fitness instruction, and became licensed by the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers within only a few months.


Once in NYC, the young fitness authority spent the next 10 years developing dietary routines and advanced fitness curriculums at iconic NYC gyms, including David Barton Gym, Bootcamp Republic, and Barry’s Bootcamp. He designed his own group fitness method, the CPXperience, and trained household names like Katie Holmes, Tara Lipinski, and Dylan McDermott.  He joined the LIFTONIC squad last spring, inspired by the method’s dedication to safely and effectively build and tone strong, lean muscle and advocate a healthy lifestyle.


A steadfast proponent of both physical and mental endurance, Courtney works diligently with his clients to push them past their perceived limitations. Form is still his number one priority, and he hopes his students leave the studio with a little more knowledge and confidence than they had before.


“There will be growing pains, some movements will feel awkward, and some days you may even feel defeated. But that’s the only way your body will adapt and learn to get stronger. That challenge is the thing that might make you a better athlete.”

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