LIFTONIC proudly welcomed Liz Divine, a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and local New Yorker, to the fam in late 2016. Get to know Liz, her story, what drew her to LIFTONIC, and how she’ll help students across all levels rock their health and fitness goals.

“I want students to feel BADASS and KICKASS after every class.”

While in high school, Liz initially took to the weight room to ease back pain begot from scoliosis, but quickly discovered pain reduction was only one of the many positive effects from a regular fitness regimen. Her fervor for health and fitness grew as she entered the workforce, and at 25 she made the consequential decision to quit her job at a tech startup, and pursue her passion full-time. She studied personal training at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is currently completing 200 hour Mindful Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaworks.


A firm believer in the power of both weight and yoga training, Liz was drawn to the LIFTONIC method as it innovatively combines strength training with pilates/balance-based exercises. Since students use adjustable weights, the class works for every skill level, from a first-timer to a total vet.

“What sets the LIFTONIC method apart is the ability for students to see progress. Because we keep the same workout for a few weeks, the students can literally see that after every workout they can add more weight. They see themselves getting stronger, and it’s not just a feeling.”

For those just beginning their fitness journeys with the LIFTONIC method, Liz offers words of encouragement:

“It’s important to have a fitness goal to motivate you, but focus more on enjoying the new positive changes that you’re creating to strengthen and elevate your life. Strive for progress, not perfection. Great change takes time and effort.”

From Arms & Abs to Butt, Legs & Shoulders to an epic Full Body blast, Liz teaches multiple classes a week at our Meatpacking location. She’s dedicated to helping her students harness a deep inner strength for physical strength, and to energize, inspire, and invigorate. Book a class with Liz at